As our world becomes more and more connected, our educational systems have become strengthened and bettered.  For me, education is knowing not just what you can find within your textbooks, or in your village or city, but garnering as much knowledge as possible about the world around you, from Moldova to Sri Lanka to Bolivia.  Travel is not necessarily an option for everyone, but fortunately we have the internet, which allows us glimpses into information about cultures from countries all over the world. Internet access is one of the best tools in our classrooms today.

Access to WiFi at our school, Liceul Teoretic Stefan cel Mare si Sfint in Taraclia, Causeni, will be an enormous benefit to both teachers and students.  As a teacher, I already foresee myself bringing my computer to school and using the internet daily, with students ranging from the 2nd to the 12th forms.  In the English classroom, I can show videos shot in English speaking countries, have students listen to texts or songs in the English language, show pictures to illustrate vocabulary words, and more.  But the benefits of WiFi expand beyond English classes; I believe teachers in all departments can use the internet to create a more interactive and engaging experience for students.

I look forward to seeing how our new WiFi expands the learning experiences of the students of Stefan Cel Mare.

Kerry Coughlin, Peace Corps Volunteer